Tips for Pilates for Beginners

Tips for Pilates for Beginners

If you have completed the Pilates for Beginners series and are wondering where to go from here, make sure you watch this video, Tips for Pilates for Beginners. The goal of the 10 minute workouts, Pilates for Beginners series was to get you very comfortable with the Pilates mat exercises so you can continue to exercise at home.

In this video, I’ll give you some helpful tips for exercising after the Pilates for Beginners Series is complete. Should you stick with the Pilates for Beginners workouts or is it time to move on and how do you add variety into the Pilates for Beginners Series.

I’ll be addressing these questions because my goal is that you feel supported in your efforts exercise at home even if we have never met.

A foundation for a successful Pilates Mat Workout is to figure out what you need and I truly hope that this video will help you figure out what path to take with Pilates.

This is the Pilates mat that I like (and a good mat is an absolute must for mat Pilates classes):
Basic Pilates Mat:

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Pilates for Beginners:
Day 1: Neutral Spine, Core Stability:
Day 2: Abs and Back:
Day 3: Leg:
Day 4: Arms:
Day 5: Total Body Pilates:
Day 6: Total Body Pilates:
Day 7: Breathe and Stretch:


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