BASI Pilates Teacher Training #TeachableMoment: Round Back (Short Box Series)

BASI Pilates Teacher Training #TeachableMoment: Round Back (Short Box Series)

BASI Pilates Founder and Director, Rael Isacowitz demonstrates Round Back on the BASI Systems Reformer during the Pilates Teacher Training program. This exercise is one of six taught in the Short Box Series. Taught in the Abdominal work of the BASI Block System.

Founded by Rael Isacowitz, BASI Pilates has a reputation for academic excellence, innovation, and exceptional value. BASI Pilates offers the highest caliber, most comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Programs available.

The range of programs offers highly respected college-level Pilates teacher training programs that prepare students to teach professionally, and to take the PMA Pilates certification exam. Our programs do not separate equipment training students learn on all the Pilates equipment.

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